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Accelerating the Impact of Leaders.


Executive Coaching is all about helping leaders develop or enhance skills and strategies to increase their impact and enhance the value they bring to their organization.


All leaders—regardless of how long they have been in a leadership role—have times when they need to elevate or develop new skills.  Whether that is because they are taking on a new role, leading a new initiative, or leading through a change in the organization, we all have to grow in new directions.


LJF Consulting Group is focused on working one-on-one with leaders in a highly customized and personal way.  We work collaboratively with each individual to set goals, identify measures of success, and build a customized development plan for getting there.  Each leadership engagement is anchored by trust and confidentiality in order to create an environment conducive to building awareness of strengths, areas of improvement, and challenges.  


Executive coaching provides an invaluable opportunity for leaders to gain insight and develop new ways of thinking that will take them to a higher level of performance.


For more information on how to engage LJF Consulting Group contact us.

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